I was living happily with my family until my faith and outlook in life were challenged by a certain moment. I suffered from Stage 3 Breast Cancer which took a huge toll on my health and the things that I loved to do.

I had to face this head on by refusing to give up. So, I searched for other ways to be treated aside from undergoing Chemotherapy—the usual conventional medical treatment for cancer.

But then, it was on July 2015 when I discovered the healing wonders of Sante Barley and the effective and holistic solution of Sante Wellness Center for my condition.

After a week of following the advice of certified lifestyle medicine doctor, Dra. Ping, I’ve instantly felt relief and able to experience amazingly fast results. Now, I’ve regained strength and appetite; and more importantly, vigor for life. Words can’t express how much I’m grateful to God and Sante Wellness Centre for helping me get back in a healthier condition.

Until today, I still regularly visit my SWC, my “second home”, because of the warmth they treat me with.

Maricor Miranda
Employee, 54 y/o

I’ve been suffering from 6 types of diseases–High Blood, Heart enlargement, Fatty Liver, Myoma, Kidney Cyst and Stones, and Diabetes. I felt so weak and can barely drink water. But when I heard about my neighbor who got treated by taking Sante Barley, I gathered up all the strength I had to meet the said person and asked for her help.

After 3 days of taking-up Sante Barley, I already felt relief and was able to regain my strength which made me able to walk without difficulty and do house chores. My family and I were amazed and very thankful.

It was October 2015 when I decided to go to the Sante Wellness Centre. There, I’ve been able to consult Dr. Ron about my condition. After a few sessions of consultation and following Dr. Ron’s holistic medical advice, I felt better until I was eventually healed.

Until today, I vowed to continue sharing the gift of healing by inviting people, whom I know are suffering from illness, to go to the Sante Wellness Centre get the help and effective medical advice they need.

Lolita Arago
Entrepreneur, 55 y/o

I thought 2014 was going to be my final year in this world to the point I was advised to be given everything I wanted. I’ve been diagnosed with Stage 4 Rectal Cancer that metastasized to the Liver, Colon and Prostate where I felt aching pain throughout my whole body.

Feeling weak, I can barely walk a few steps without panting.

I’ve been a Chemist for as long as I can remember and I refused to give in to the medical advice of my doctor. It was God’s blessing that a family friend recommended that I seek help at Sante Wellness Centre.

Although I was reluctant at first, I followed Dr. Ron’s medical advice and after 3 weeks, I started to feel better and see improvements. By continuing to follow SWC’s medical advice for two and a half months, I knew it was God’s grace in the works as I was continuously healed.

I am very grateful to the Almighty for making Sante International a powerful instrument of healing and renewed faith. Now, I’m proudly and passionately sharing the life-changing benefits I experienced to a lot of people by sharing the wonders of Sante Barley and the Sante Wellness Centre.

Joseph “Joey” Dabao Bundoc
Chemist, 57 y/o

Ever since I started my career, I’ve been a go-getter and was all set to excel in my profession until the unexpected happened.

On November 2015, I started to feel pain at the upper left part of my abdomen. What I thought was just a simple symptom that I could sleep off, actually turned out to be an illness that had taken over the quality of my daily living.

I then started to seek nearby hospitals for help, but to no avail, my condition remained undiagnosed. With the pain aggravating each day, I decided to overcome skepticism and try Sante Barley. I felt fast relief after just 1 week of intake. Then, I paid a visit to Sante Wellness Centre where I was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis.

First and foremost, believe that you’re going to be healed.” Those unforgettable words spoken by Dr. Ron coupled with the instructions of following the dosage of the supplement and diet provided saved my life.

After a month, every pain and suffering I felt were all gone. That challenging moment in my life made me live my life to the fullest. I recommend Sante Wellness Centre to those who are suffering from sickness just as I did back then.

John Opis
Network Engineer, 24 y/o