Ronaldo “Ron” Unidad, MD
General Practitioner/Integrative Medicine/Pathologist
“When the spirit is high, the mind heals, when the mind heals, the body follows..”

When Dr. Ron started his medical practice in 2000, he had high hopes and was set out to help treat all his patients by providing the best medical advice. For a few years, he practiced conventional medicine until he came to a point where he became frustrated as to why his patients don’t seem to get better despite prescribing the best medicine for their ailments.

It was in 2008 when he embraced the practice of Integrative Medicine. Since then, believing that being is a doctor is vocation and not a business, he has been continuously seeking for the best way to approach to treat his patients and, in doing so, by 2012, he decided to adapt the practice of Hippocratic Medicine which similar to Integrative medicine is focused on healing the entire being and not only solely on the disease. He describes this practice as incorporating all practices, focused on recovery and as much as possible, natural ways of healing.

It was also in 2012 when Dr. Ron discovered Barley and was more than happy to share its benefits to more people. He also started holding regular clinic at the Sante’s Head Office. True to his passion and the mission of Sante International to help people live better lives, he is more than happy to be able to make himself instrumental in helping patients become aware of their capacity to heal. Dr. Ron’s Clinic Schedule is every Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, 3pm-7pm.


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