Maripaz “Ping” Laigo-Bonus,MD
Medical Director of Santé Wellness Centre
General Practitioner/ Integrative Medicine/Lifestyle Medicine/Licensed CHIP Facilitator

“I treat, but God heals.”

Dra. Ping started her medical practice since 1991. Just like any medical professional she started her practice guided by conventional or Western medicine. But after an eye-opening experience with her mother suffering from the side effect of a commonly recommended procedure to treat cancer, she became convinced that she needed to consider other effective ways of combating chronic and other lifestyle-related diseases.

By 2003, she then started to practice Integrative Medicine. Determined to seek for more ways to help more patients achieve lasting and holistic solutions, by 2012, she decided to adapt the practice of Lifestyle Medicine. Guided by her advocacy, she became a Certified Lifestyle Medicine doctor by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine by May 2015.

Believing in the calling God made for her and how the wonders of Barley is one of the most effective gifts that she can share to everyone, she now leads the Sante Wellness Centre with much pride and passion and highly recommends to  make Barley a way life. She envisions that every family should make Barley a staple and be present in every household.

Seeking for more effective and sustainable ways to help more patients not only treat and reverse their disease but also prevent them, she enrolled in CHIP or the COMPLETE HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM by the Lifestyle Medicine Institute. Inspired to share the life changing proven results and priceless benefits of the program, she sought to become a licensed facilitator of the program herself. She now conducts CHIP at the Sante Wellness Centre.

Dra. Ping presently offers Lifestyle medical consultation as well as education. She also actively promotes her advocacy to educate more people by becoming an active founding member of the Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine and continuously honing herself though the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Dra. Pings’ Clinic Schedule is every Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 11am-5pm and conducts CHIP.