Dra. Geraldine Emperador, M.D.
Dermatology/Integrative Medicine/Lifestyle Medicine/Manual Therapy


“As doctors, we are meant to be your companion in your health your journey. Our ultimate purpose is to empower and educate you towards achieving your optimal health..”

Dra. Gerie is certified people-person. She loves interacting, learning and being able to help people. She believed that pursuing  Medicine is one of the best ways by which she can truly fulfill her purpose of becoming a blessing to others. With 27 years of medical experience and counting, she has ever since dedicated herself to honing her knowledge and skills in the field of  Dermatology.

In her constant search for the best way to help people get better, it didn’t took long then, for Dra. Gerie started to embrace the  practice of Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She believed that by practicing Integrative Medicine, she is more equipped to address her patients health problems holistically. Through Lifestyle Medicine, she was enlightened with the importance of  Nutrition, Stress and other factors that affect a person’s path to achieving total wellness.

Inspired by her dream to help improve the health care system in the country and educate people on more ways of healing people, she has found herself at the Sante Wellness Centre. She believes in the same principles of Patient Empowerment, Natural & Sustainable Health and successful Patient-Doctor Synergy. She also recognizes Barley as a necessary food to nourish the body and prevent diseases. She holds clinic every Mondays & Wednesdays, 1pm-4pm