From introducing the many wonders of Barley to continuously providing endless opportunity to achieve financial freedom to more people, Santé International has indeed taken its advocacy of Helping People Live Better Lives to higher ground by introducing the Santé Wellness Centre (SWC).

Officially opened its doors January of 2014 at the 9th flr of Galleria Corporate Center in Quezon City, the Santé Wellness Centre was established to provide people with better and effective alternative ways to not only treat their illnesses but also address the causes and, ultimately, educate them of how to achieve holistic and lasting wellness solutions. This mission is made possible through the centre’s focus on Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.

Integrative Medicine is the practice of combining alternative medicine with conventional biomedicine as a means of healing. In this practice, emphasis is placed on treating the whole person rather than just treating the disease. Its distinction is that it takes into account the totality of a person (mind, body and spirit) all at the same time through-out the treatment process.

Lifestyle Medicine, on the other hand, involves the therapeutic use of lifestyle to prevent, treat, and, more importantly, reverse prevalent lifestyle-related, chronic diseases by addressing their underlying causes. Research-based comprehensive lifestyle changes of which encompass one’s Nutrition, Physical activities, Stress management, social support down to environmental exposures are recommended.

At the core of both practices is the advocacy to use holistic and natural ways of healing as well as consumption of plant-based whole foods along with nutraceuticals to address current health concerns and achieve total wellness. Both are also common in their thrust to empower and involve the patient in the healing process. SWC strives to uphold these by maintaining a successful synergy of the patient and physician and by caringly providing all services through our team of medical practitioners and staff.

At present, as SWC is truly continuously growing and helping create an impact to more people’s lives, by October of 2016, it has expanded and moved to a better location. It has moved to the Upper Ground Floor of the ETON Cyberpod Corinthian Building, Quezon City, a more convenient and accessible location that is also nearby the Santé Barley Head Office.

Today, we can proudly say that no other Wellness Centre can provide the holistic, sincere care and attention given by Santé. Through the Sante Wellness Centre, Sante International’s mission to change people’s lives for the better continues to strengthen and reach more and more.


Maripaz “Ping” Laigo-Bonus, MD

Medical Director of Santé Wellness Centre

Ronaldo “Ron” Unidad,MD

General Practitioner / Integrative Medicine / Pathologist

Dra. Geraldine Emperador, MD

Dermatology / Integrative Medicine / Lifestyle Medicine / Manual Therapy


Aside from the Medical practitioners, the SWC successfully carries out its mission through
the help of a dedicated and passionate team of medical professionals and Operations Team.

Sante Wellness Centre Medical Team


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